In Normandy, no museum deals with D-Day aviation (apart from airborne missions), while mastering the air was essential to the successful landing.


What better place for an aeronautical museum of D-DAY than historic aeronautical hangars in Caen -Carpiquet?


At D-DAY WINGS MUSEUM, you will be able to discover the D-Day planes, the missions and the airmen who contributed to this mastery of the skies of June 1944.


But you will also discover that this French air base, occupied in 1940, played an important role in the Battle of Britain as a German base, that's the part: CAEN-CARPIQUET, GERMAN BASE (1940-1944).


Finally, the liberation of Caen was one of the greatest battles during the summer of 1944. The capture of Carpiquet aerodrome was a bloody episode with Operation Windsor, which saw the Canadians and the 12th clash. SS Panzer division, entrenched on the ground of the aerodrome, with nearly 700 victims of which one never speaks. Hence the creation of a 3rd museum: OPERATION WINDSOR


At the same time, the creation of a WWII aircraft restoration workshop will allow you to discover the fascinating work of restorers of collection aircraft.


Finally, if a museum aims to safeguard and educate the public, we want it to be done with family and fun. This is why you will be offered 26 different activities that are as instructive as they are entertaining.

Children will be able to touch vehicles, get in, try flight simulators but also learn why an airplane flies, how to become an 8th Air Force bomber, a radio transmitter, train in parachute jumping, replace a machine gunner B-17, etc. These experiences will be developed throughout the year 2021-2022.

A shop, unique in Normandy, dedicated to aeronautics will complete this set so that you can have a good time with your family while learning a lot.


The opening is planned for february 2021, if you want to come or if this project interests you, help us to accelerate the always difficult start of a young company by booking your entry now. You can get a ticket for only 9 € . 25%  discount !


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