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It is the only museum in Normandy dedicated to D-Day planes and air operations (apart from airborne operations).

The mastery of the sky was however essential in the landing and in the battle of Normandy.

You will learn everything from D-Day missions, planes and air force personnel.

This museum will aim to restore all the D-day planes.

The restoration workshop will be visible to the public.

You will  settle in a cockpit of fighters.


In this backup mission, an education mission, many experiences , will allow you to  parachute training workshops (uniform test, harness test, etc ...), a radio transmission workshop (walrus, etc.),  one of the B-17 Flying fortress,B-24 Liberator and B-25 turret gunners , Spitfire, Typhoon... and many other surprises that will be developed throughout 2021.


Exhibitions, a bookstore and a shop dedicated to aviation will also be present as well as activities dedicated to the little ones (models, etc.).


The opening will take place in Mai 19th  2021.


Are you curious to see what we have in store for you? So, buy a presale ticket, you will have a super discount  with a ticket at 9 euros valid without limit of validity 


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